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Volunteers have an enormous effect on the health and well-being of communities around the world. According to Independent Sector, the value of your time in the state of Wisconsin is worth between $24 – $30 dollars per hour. We know the work we are doing with Veterans is valuable and invite you to donate your time and join us in our mission to support Veterans experiencing homelessness.


Please fill out the form below to apply to be a volunteer at the 2024 Wayne D. Horner Memorial Stand Down Madison. October 19, 2024. 

What hours would you like to volunteer for?

***Please select the time you would like to volunteer, to volunteer for more than one time block select multiple.

We have many different areas that you can choose to help out with for our event. Please read through the descriptions of each option and choose the area most attractive to you. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes while scheduling everyone for their areas.

Registration: Welcomes our veterans and completes initial paperwork. - Committee Chair Shelia Frye/Jodi M. Barnett

Security: Monitor doors, parking lots, and amnesty to ensure the safety of event volunteer participants.

Buddy: Buddies are a unique asset to our event. Pair up with veterans individually and guide them through each vendor available at the event. Buddies are encouraged to eat meals with their veterans.-Committee Chair Vacant

Information Table: Serve at our information hub and help volunteers, vendors, and participants navigate the event and available resources.

Clothing: Help issue clothing to veterans. -Committee Chair Vacant

Transportation: Work with local drivers to organize rides for veterans leaving our event. This will include announcing when vans are leaving and assisting with the utilization of public transportation.

Exit Survey: Collect information from volunteers, vendors, and participants for quality improvement at future events. 

Haircuts/Barbering/Stylist: Provide haircutting services for participants.

Housekeeping: Ensure we are keeping our space clean and organized so that we are invited to host our event at locations annually. Committee Chair Vacant

Floating Customer Service: Be available to help provide information all over the facility and parking lot to ensure volunteers, vendors, and participants have a positive experience at the event.

Other/As-needed: Allow our planning committee to utilize your skills to fill any gaps in areas for the event.  

*We will do our best to put you in your selected position, but cannot guarantee placement.

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